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We received our food this morning.

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

This morning we had the 8th Grade Ag Education Class to provide help unloading the truck. They were a blessing as we had everything done by 10:30. Thanks to Scout Ridgeway, Josiah Coulter, Konnor Weidenmeir, AJ Clinton, Rayleigh Ponce, Bradley Whittington, Hudson Harrison, Kerry Steckman, Preston Turney, Remington Bowlin, Kaleb Brush, Randy Turney and Shawn Gorman. I hope I got everyone's name correct. Our adult volunteers were Linda Harrison. Sherry Young Dietrich , Janis Coon, Debora Earp, Reba Jackson, Debra Mickley, Bonnie Williams and Kristy Settle. We couldn't do it without all this wonderful help! You all are very appreciated!

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